Stephanie Sherwood thought she understood the nature of the Tapestry Effect. She had experienced the beautiful impact of weaving God, community, and the marketplace together when she created a Christian businesswomen’s networking organization. The Tapestry Network yielded faith, fellowship, and fundamental support for women answering God’s call not only in their lives but in their businesses as well. At first glance, it would appear she had it all. However, upon closer examination, it was clear there was one element missing. While Stephanie could provide testimony and witness to the goodness of God’s calling in her life, there was something that held her back from achieving the “more” God had desired for her and the women of The Tapestry Network. With unexpected clarity, Stephanie realized the only thing that could move her forward was diving into the depths of her own story, healing the hurts, and unraveling the untruths that had kept her bound for far too long. In The Tapestry Effect, Stephanie lavishly shares her revelations about what is created when God, community, the marketplace, and STORY are woven together.


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