Certified Life Coach & Financial Literacy Advocate

Earlene Coats

Earlene Coats is a life coach and financial literacy advocate who is partnering with women, families and communities to fill the gaps most of us never received in school.  She empowers women and young adults to live the life God designed for them and achieve their God-given dreams using their gifts and talents.  Having lead large organizations and built multiple successful companies, Earlene has learned the importance of finding your purpose and understanding the impact of the financial choices you make every day.  Some of what she was taught in her earlier years has cost her significant time and money.   She shares these valuable life lessons to help others avoid making the same mistakes along with the practical steps that you can put into action immediately.  Imagine living a life you LOVE while inspiring those you love to break out of the limiting life strategies traditionally taught today.

Coaching Philosophy

Imagine realizing the dream that you once convinced yourself was unattainable. You were born with unique gifts and talents that the world needs. Now is the time to use your unique gifts and talents to design the life you LOVE.  As a person who failed scribble art in Kindergarten I know how easy it is to have our dreams squashed from an early age and stop believing we can actually achieve them. As a successful entrepreneur whose life is rich in so many ways, I know it IS possible to create your dream life. My passion is to empower you with the confidence, knowledge and tools to make that life YOUR reality. Financial literacy starts before the money. I help you discover WHY you were created, HOW you would like to show up in the world and WHAT your divine purpose is. 

By fulfilling your purpose, you will make a bigger impact and serve the people you were meant to serve.  The best part is that you will LOVE your life and FEEL complete.   I equip you with the tools you can put into place immediately to start getting results.  There are many foundational tools that I encourage everyone to have in place.  I also offer tools that support your unique individual needs.  I do not believe in a one size fits all coaching model!  You are unique so are your coaching desires are as well!

Who Can Benefit Most

Women, especially mothers who:

  • Desire change, but are afraid to make the leap
  • Are in the midst of a transition either professionally or personally
  • Know God created you for more, but need support in taking the next steps
  • Desire to see your children live out their unique purpose
  • Financially frustrated and unable to generate your desired income

If any or all of this describes you, let's connect and begin the shift! Discover how you were uniquely created to show up as well as those unconscious beliefs that are holding you back.  You are powerful. You have untapped potential. Your possibilities are endless.  Now is the time to shine!  The world needs you!

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