Mindset Coach

Lyda Malka

Just so you know, I might offend you but it’s for a good purpose.

If my guess is right, you’ve read all the latest books about being a “Bad [email protected]@” and still here you are with the scenery never changing...at least not for the better.

Add to that the many well-meaning “cheerleaders” who help you to heap excuse upon excuse for why things aren’t moving for you. Are you tired of it yet?

How long are you willing to keep doing this dance before you run out of steam? Or time? Or money?

What if it didn’t have to be this hard? What if the answer to what’s keeping you stuck is inside you? AND, what if I am the answer to getting you unstuck?

Do I have your attention? GOOD! Here’s the deal, once you get your mindset to be bulletproof, there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. NOTHING!

When you work with me, I’ll straight up tell you like it is. You may not like it, it may tick you off, AND it WILL change you. You will FALL IN LOVE...not with me...with the woman you are...that amazing, incredible person that’s inside you under all the rubble that has been piled upon her.

How do I know?
Because I’ve been there and I’ve found my way out ... I can help you find the way out too!

We are meant for each other if you are:

  • Over working hard and getting nowhere day, after day, after day.
  • Ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to shake things up and make HUGE changes in your life.
  • A woman who knows you were meant for more in your life and business.

Because I didn’t fully know my value when I was younger, I helped create my own misery. I accepted less than I was worth in my first marriage, in my job, and in life. It wasn’t until I had had enough of being someone else’s doormat and assisting others to rise to the top, that something inside me began to claw its way out for survival. I knew I didn’t want to leave this world before I had done what I was sent here to do - help other women see their worth and fully live out their purpose. So, I created a Virtual Assistant business and used it to pay my fees to earn my coaching certificate. I also paid what feels like an obscene amount of money to obtain the knowledge to coach you through the muck and the mire of life and that’s not even counting the blood and tears I shed (literally) to acquire what I will share with you. I’m a teacher with an expertise in mindset coaching. I have skills and tools to cut through the BS and get stuff done. If any of this resonates with you, let’s talk.

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