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Make A Donation

Your tax-deductible donation funds The Tapestry Network programs that exist to bring and expand women into their Christ-given identity, freedom, and wholeness and help show the love of Jesus.

Help support our mission and vision.

Our 2023 Initiatives!

Business Builder

A binder packed with resources for the women that is reentering the marketplace or looking to create her own path. Distributed through local nonprofits and local Tapestry Chapters. Where seasoned Tapestry Members walk alongside fellow women called into the marketplace.

Creating centers around the globe for women to gather to be encouraged, empowered, elevated, and equipped to be ALL that God has called them to be!

Join us for believing God to make this a reality!

Business Builder

Other ways donation dollars will be invested:

  • A Woven in Fund to support Tapestry Members as they face hardships
  • To strengthen our community so we have more stories like these…
    • I was suicidal…yet knowing there was a place I could go, without judgement, and be loved right where I was at, saved my life!
    • I struggled making money because I thought being in business as woman was “wrong”…yet I realized I was believing a lie and my gifts are to be used and making money is honorable!
    • I had given up on God…yet joining a network of businesswomen that loved God allowed me to truly fall in love with the REAL God!
    • I was told I had to keep my faith and business separate, and I felt empty…yet after a few months of being a member I began to see I could totally weave them together and both could flourish together!
    • I didn’t feel I was worthy of a relationship with God…yet joining Tapestry showed me that wasn’t true and our past doesn’t separate us from His love!
  • Sow back into God’s Kingdom as we are called

Our deepest desire is to educate women:

  • They are uniquely made in the image of God. That means they are chosen!
  • As Christ-followers we have the same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead dwelling with in us
  • They have been gifted the power of Holy Spirit and we have authority
  • That most traditions and cultural norms are man-made, and that God has the ultimate say over our lives
  • That a calling into the marketplace is noble and honorable
  • To have an expanded understanding of their identity in Christ, living life without apology, that leads to wholeness AND freedom!
  • As a faith-based organization we can continue to serve only women and speak truth without fear of being sued.

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