We Love To Love Our Communities
We Love To Love Our Communities

Each of our local Tapestries look at their community to see where the needs are and determine how they want to pool their resources and give back. Each month they invite a different non-profit to attend their local Tapestry Gathering and the non-profit is gifted with an event registration and vendor table. During the gathering the showcased non-profit shares:

  • ​What they do
  • Who they serve
  • How we can support them

​By doing this we are giving a voice and support to their cause and we get to come alongside them. Additionally, we raise money at our Tapestry Gathering for the showcased non-profits that they get to leave with! To date, tens of thousands of dollars have been donated and multiple dozens of organizations have been supported.

​The Bible says: “And do not neglect doing good and sharing; for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” ~ Hebrews 13:16

Total funds raised to date for our community non-profits: over $150,000!

Organizations We've Supported


The Tapestry Network Nonprofit
50056 Collar Drive
La Pine, OR  97739